Be Safe & Be Seen on LIA Roads

The LIA has received many reports of individuals and families walking or running on the roads after dark. With the end of daylight saving time, many pedestrians are now using the roadways before dawn and after sunset each day.

LIA Security will stop and warn pedestrians to increase awareness and prevent accidents.

Pedestrian Safety Tips

  • Increase Your Visibility

  • Wear Bright and/or Reflective Clothing

  • Avoid Dark Colored Outfits (black, brown, etc)

  • Carry a Flashlight

  • Walk in a Group or Pair

  • Stay as Far to the Left Side of the Road as Possible

  • Travel AGAINST the Flow of Traffic

  • Only Cross the Street at Intersections

  • Watch for Cars that are Turning or Backing Up

  • Avoid Using Headphones to Increase Awareness of Your Surroundings

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