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Photos From Around Lake Iroquois 


Wildlife Around Lake Iroquois
Lake Iroquois attracts a wide variety of wildlife throughout the year.  The spring usually offers many opportunities to see ducklings and goslings scampering across lawns under the watchful eye of their parents.  The summer is the perfect time to spot a great blue heron or a turtle along the shoreline.  In the fall, whitetail deer can be spotted in the woods and fields along the perimeter of the subdivision.  Ducks, geese, and the occassional bald eagle can be spotted  on the ice along the open waters of the fishing lake throughout the winter months.   


Lake Iroquois Events
Lake Iroquois has a variety of events throughout the year.  The spring and summer feature many LIA Bass Club fishing events.  These include tournaments on Saturday mornings and Thursday evenings, and a kid's fishing derby in the late summer.  In cooperation with Bayle's Lake, the LIA sponsors a Fourth of July fireworks display. 
Views Around the Lake
Spectacular scenery is always on display throughout the Lake Iroquois Association.  The water provides the focal point for many of the stunning views.  In the morning, the lake provides a mirrored reflection of the many homes dotting the shoreline  The summer provides great sunrises and sunsets for boaters and fishermen to ponder. The views on the edge of the association offer great vistas of Illinois corn rising up from the fertile soil only to be topped by the whirling wind turbines off in the distance.    
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