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Boat and Boating Regulations


Boat Regulations

1.  Boats are not to be greater than the 18 foot classification, with pontoon boats limited to no longer than 24 feet in length.


2.  Horsepower on any boat shall not exceed the following:

     Outboard (maximum horsepower) = 115 HP, Pontoon Boats = 90 HP

     Inboards (I/O) Maximum horsepower = 175 HP 


3.  No personal watercraft (jet skies).


4.  No new jet boats will be registered after April 15, 2005. Previously registered jet boats will be grand fathered in. (updated upon board action 04/14/2005)


5.  A variance for boat size for purposes of fishing on Lake Iroquois may be granted by the Board of Directors, upon application and agreement, to use the boat      only if the motor drive is out of the water and use of other means of propulsion is used.


Rules of Operation:

1. Each membership is limited to one (1) deck or powered boat on the lake at one time.


2. At the present, there is no limit on the number of canoes or sailboats a lot owner can have on the lake. COMMON SENSE and COURTESY would dictate that     when the lake is busy with boating, you would limit your usage to a minimum number of watercraft in order to provide space for others to use the lake also.


3. There are "NO WAKE" times before 10:00AM and after 7:00PM on weekends and holidays. "NO WAKE" means that ALL operators must reduce speed so           that no wake is left trailing the watercraft. Properly lighted watercraft may be operated on the lake after sunset. BOATS MUST BE OPERATED AT LOW           POWER SETTINGS! NO SKIING! Boating noise is to be limited during the quiet time between sunset and 9:00AM.


4. Only member-owned watercraft are allowed on the lake. The watercraft must be registered in the name of the lot owner, have a certificate of insurance         registered with LIA, and a current decal.


5. Non-member immediate family guests may operate a member s watercraft only if the active member-Owner is present at LIA and can be readily contacted.


6. Two persons must be in the boat (pilot and observer) when towing a skier, or during any towing activities(State Law). Towing is limited to one skier, tuber       etc. on weekends and holidays.


7. Travel counter-clockwise on the lake.


8.  Inlets and bays are "NO WAKE" areas.


9. Do not enter the beach and swimming area marked by the buoys.


10. No person under 10 years of age may operate a motorboat.


11. Persons at least 10 and less than 12 years of age may operate a motorboat only if they are accompanied in the motorboat and under the direct control of a      parent or guardian.


12. Persons at least 12 and less than 18 may operate a motorboat if:a. They are accompanied by and under the direct control of a parent or guardian or a              person at least 18 years of age, designated by the parent; or,b. Such motorcraft operator has possession of a Boating Safety Certificate issued by the Dept.      of Natural Resources, Div. of Law Enforcement, authorizing the holder to operate motorboats.


13. Boats are not to be docked at the beach or marina overnight.


14. Non-motored/powered watercraft always have the right-of-way.  The Dept. of Natural resources has authority on any body of water


Boat & Trailer Storage Regulations:

Just a reminder that the area across from the boat ramps can be used for boat and trailer storage, but the following rules must apply prior to parking them.


1.  All boats and boat trailers must be stored in the back of the lot between the steel post in an orderly fashion with the front of the trailer facing the roadway.


2.  All boats and boat trailers must be owned by LIA residents, and be marked with lot numbers, and stickers placed in the required locations.


5.  A call must be placed to the LIA office (386-2311) with the information on boat and boat owner.  


6.  Vehicles to include, but not limited to motor homes, campers, utility trailers, or motor vehicles may not be stored at this location at any time. These rules will      be strictly enforced by LIA security

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