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Lake Iroquois Association Regulations

The Declaration of Restrictions and Covenants establishes the property covered by the Lake Iroquois Association.  This document also governs what owners may, may not, or must do with respect to the real estate within the boundaries of the Lake Iroquois Association.  

The process for handling infractions of LIA covenants and by-laws follows a strict procedure to ensure consistency and fairness in all matters.  


The LIA by-laws can be downloaded by following the link above.

LIA Security has developed a strict policy governing the use and types of boats and pontoons that may operate on Lake Iroquois.  Due to the small size of the lake, size and power restrictions are important to ensure safety and  prevent shoreline damage.  No wake areas and no wake times have recently been implemented to ensure enjoyment by both boaters and fisherman alike.

The Water & Waste Water committee have developed specific regulations governing the proper and responsible use of water resources for the entire association.  These regulations intend to protect the integrity of the water supply for all members of Lake Iroquois.  

LIA building regulations must be considered when planning a construction project within the subdivison and proper permits must by filed before any project is started.  Members and their contractors are asked to contact the LIA Roads & Buildings Commitee chairperson for further information on building project regulations.  

All Unlicensed Vehicles including golf carts, ATVs, Go-Karts, motorcycles, or other similar vehicles are required to be registered with the LIA in order to operate on LIA roads and trails.  All LIA members and their guests who do not have a driver's license must follow the regulations for unlicensed drivers.  

Soil erosion along both Lake Iroqouis and Pinto Lake has led to a massive multiyear dredging project by the LIA Board of Directors.  The soil erosion issue has led to the adoption of an offical shoreline policy and creation of a shoreline committee.  The committee provides shoreline recommendations and sets standards for all Lot "A" owners to decrease soil erosion, improve water clarity, and maintain water depths.  


LIA members are required to register vehicles, unlicensed vehicles, and boats to ensure safety and security throughout the association.  Many of these registration forms can be easily downloaded, completed, and then submitted to the LIA office.  These forms must be completed in order to recieve vehicle and boat stickers as well as unlicensed vehicle flags.


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