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Fireworks Show Rescheduled for July 3rd @ 9 PM

On June 8, the Bayles Lake Fireworks Committee was notified by the fireworks supplier, a company they have used for almost ten years, was going out of business, immediately. As a result they have left several towns, villages and homeowners associations stranded and scrambling to find alternatives for up-coming shows.​

This is not a good time of the year to be looking for this kind of help!​

The fireworks committee along with the launch team partners frantically began searching for fireworks suppliers. Their desperation led to having discussions with suppliers in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana.

Over this past weekend, the launch team partners, were able to come to an agreement with a fireworks supplier in Iowa that would have a fireworks supply inventory comparable to what we have used in the past at about the same cost.

But they cannot supply the scheduled July 1st date.​

The committee apologizes for any inconvenience this may create but did not have any other options. It was inconceivable that they might not be able to hold this community tradition.

The committee are still working through several details: DJ music, EMS support, fire department timing, insurance, State Fire Marshal paperwork and multiple ways to get our change of date information out to the residents at Bayles Lake and Lake Iroquois. But they are confident that this will all come together.​

Again, the committee apologizes for this inconvenience, but we will still have an awesome and exciting fireworks event, on a new date, July 3, 9:00 P.M.

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