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LIA Offers Residential Lots for Closed Bid Sale

Eight residential lots are now for sale by closed bid. Bids must be received prior to April 12, 2017. Buyers must be present at LIA Board of Directors Meeting on March 12th 7:00 PM at LIA Clubhouse. Once all bids are opened, ONLY THOSE bidders will have the opportunity to raise the bid. Successful bidder must put down 20% at the close of bidding. Sale closing date will be scheduled as soon as new deed and title work is completed. LIA retains the right to reject any and all bids. Please submit bids in writing, include the phrase "Lot Bid" on outside envelope, and send to:

Lake Iroquois Association 140 Shawnee Lane Loda, IL 60948

The Lots Available for Closed Bid include: Lot 346B - 052 County Road 300 N - Closed Bid – Minimum $2,500 Lot 364B - 122 Arapaho- Closed Bid – Minimum $3,000 Lot 368B - 114 Arapaho - Closed Bid – Minimum $4,500 Lot 530B - 155 Huron (corner of Pawnee & Huron) - Closed Bid – Minimum $3,000 Lot 13B - 044 County Road 300 - Closed Bid – Minimum Bid $2,500 Lot 16B - Cul- De – Sac Arapaho & Apache – Closed Bid – Minimum $9,000 Lot 17B - Cul –De-Sac Arapaho & Apache - Closed Bid - Minimum $9,000 Lot 25B - Cul-De- Sac - 104 Arapaho - Closed Bid – Minimum $9,000

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