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Summer 2014 Road Closings

As part of the long term capital improvement campaign, road resurfacing will impact travel on certain LIA roads later this summer. Resurfacing should only take one day, but will result in the temporary closing of sections of certain streets for 30 to 45 minutes. LIA will give 72 hours notice for any road closings in an effort to allow adequate time for residents to move vehicles. For a list and map of road closings, please see the June Arrowhead or click here.

Roads Scheduled for Oil and Chip Resurfacing include:

  • Mohican Lane from Cul de Sac east

  • Mohican Lane from Choctaw west

  • Navaho

  • Dakota

  • Chippewa to Wyandotte

  • Choctaw from Mohican to Pueblo

  • Yuma Ct

  • Crowe Ct

  • Pueblo

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