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LIA Water Quality Issues

Lake Iroquois Association is trying to address the continued complaints about the discoloration of the drinking water and the increased chlorine smell.  Please read the PDF documents attached to learn more about our position on this matter and what we are trying to do to increase your confidence in the safety of our water supply.  The first document addressed FAQs about the chlorine smell and discolored water in October 2020.  The second is from February 2022 after continued member complaints prompted a meeting with ERH to develop a further plan of action. The last document is the Illinois EPA inspection report of the LIA water treatment plant that occurred in the spring of 2022.  Monthly water test results are also posted on this site and can be found in the Water Reports Tab.

An LIA Water Committee was established in the Spring of 2022 which consists of four (4) LIA members, and two (2) board members.  The purpose was to help explore and help determine what the potential causes of the water issues were and then to identify and provide possible options and solutions to resolve the problems.  Multiple reports from the committee have also been posted below to provide information to the LIA residents on what we believe is causing the problems and what actions LIA and ERH has taken.  The final report contains a general summary of what has occurred over the past year with recommendations from the committee.

It appears that years worth of sediment and debris has been building up in the water mains over time.  When IEPA increased the amount of chlorine required to treat water, the committee believes this started reintroducing this sediment into the water supply and thus into LIA homes.  Installation of new hydrants had started in select locations so LIA can better flush the sediment out of the water mains in the future.

Welcome To Lake Iroquois

Lake Iroquois is a private residential subdivsion with a 76 acre boating and fishing lake and a 7 acre fishing only lake, located in the far South West corner of Iroquois County.  The lake community is surrounded by wooded acreage that gives way to the corn and soybean fields of East Central Illinois. Lake Iroquois is an excellent place to peacefully retire, raise a healthy family, or live an active lifestyle. Residents and members enjoy various clubs, community events, recreation activities, and above all, the glistening waters of Lake Iroquois.  


Lake Iroquois is located just 2 hours south of Chicago and 30 minutes North of Champaign-Urbana on I-57.  Lake Iroquois is 2.5 miles from Loda, IL and Paxton, IL is situated 6 miles from the associaiton.  Please click here for more information about the Lake Iroquois Association.  

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