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In recent weeks, we have had a large growth of aquatic weeds primarily small pond weed. With the hot weather we also got a bloom of blue-green algae.

Of those two, the blue-green algae are the most concerning because it can make people and pets ill. That is why we closed the swim beach for a few days.

In talking with Bill Hancock of Lonza, they can do chemical treatments to deal with both of these issues.

Pond weed- We sprayed last week with Diquat a herbicide to kill the pond weed around boats and docks. We need our aquatic plants, so the plan for spraying would just be suppression of the pond weed. This chemical is safe for fishing and swimming but does have a 48 hour restriction for lake water irrigations to lawns and landscape plants.

Blue-green algae control- there is an algaecide called Cutrine which is safe and has no fishing, swimming or lawn restrictions. It does knock down the blue-green algae. It would seem that we need to control the blue-green algae during the rest of the swimming and boating season.

For these reasons between now and Labor Day, Lonza will spray each week on Monday with Tuesday as the rain date. Those planning to irrigate from the lake should refrain for 48 hours after the spraying. We hope this plan gives members fuller use of the lake especially on weekends and dramatically reduces the blue-green algae concerns.

If anyone should want to see the label of these products, please contact the LIA office.

Jim Shearl

LIA Board member

Welcome To Lake Iroquois

Lake Iroquois is a private residential subdivsion with a 76 acre boating and fishing lake and a 7 acre fishing only lake, located in the far South West corner of Iroquois County.  The lake community is surrounded by wooded acreage that gives way to the corn and soybean fields of East Central Illinois. Lake Iroquois is an excellent place to peacefully retire, raise a healthy family, or live an active lifestyle. Residents and members enjoy various clubs, community events, recreation activities, and above all, the glistening waters of Lake Iroquois.  


Lake Iroquois is located just 2 hours south of Chicago and 30 minutes North of Champaign-Urbana on I-57.  Lake Iroquois is 2.5 miles from Loda, IL and Paxton, IL is situated 6 miles from the associaiton.  Please click here for more information about the Lake Iroquois Association.  

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